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Bank Statement Request Letter Sample Template

The formats used for writing the bank statement request letter and letter to update the bank passbook are frequently needed for the user since he/she makes so many transactions. The idea is that these transactions should take place in a systematic manner. Besides, the user has to maintain a record. In this regard, the user should have good knowledge as to how he/she should write a letter to the officials of the bank. Accordingly, sample letters are provided to meet some of the situations that arise in the daily life of everyone. 

Bank Statement Request Letter

How to Write the Bank Statement Request Letter?

Given below are some of the tips that have to be kept in the mind of any user while writing the bank statement request letter.

  • The user should write the reason in the letter for obtaining the bank statement
  • At the end of the request letter, the user should sign
  • In the bank statement request letter, professional language should be used
  • The user should mention all the relevant details, such as the bank account number, and the name of the account
  • The language used should be maintained simply

Request Letter for Bank Statement

There are several things that have to be remembered while writing this type of letter in order to make it look attractive as well as professional. The user should be very precise and clear while using words in the letter. There should not be any confusion, and hence, it is very important to go through some of the sample letters that will provide a clear idea while writing these letters.

The format of a sample letter has been provided below:

Bank Statement Request Letter

Geetha Chopra,
78 Diamond Avenue, New Delhi

Date: 4/09/2020

The manager
The HDFC Bank,
57 Safdarjung Enclave,


Subject: bank statement request letter for the month of May to July.

Dear Mr. Ajay

Geetha Chopra who is a customer of HDFC bank has an account under her name. Their account number of hers is 088567832. She requests for a bank statement in detail of her account related to her transactions from 1/05/2020 to 31/07/2020.

The manager is requested to send her the original copy. Her postal address is 78 Diamond Avenue, New Delhi. She has also attached a cheque in order to meet the charges for this service. Her request may be considered urgent and necessary action be taken.

Geetha Chopra requests the manager to respond to her early.

Thank You

Yours Sincerely,

Geetha Chopra

(Signature of Geetha Chopra)


Provided below is a sample letter format for requesting to update the bank passbook.

Request Letter for Update Bank Passbook

Nikhil Chopra,
75 Sardar Avenue, Delhi
Mobile no: 09895637687


The Manager,
The Union Bank,
77 Press Enclave,

Subject: Updated passbook issue

Ref: Savings account number 90678945321

Dear Sir/Madam

Nikhil Chopra who is a customer of The Union Bank has an account under his name. His account number is 90678945321. He requests that his pass book issued by the bank earlier has been totally filled.

Nikhil Chopra requests the bank manager to issue a new passbook for his account. Nikhil Chopra further requests the bank manager to update the new passbook with transactions done to date.   

Nikhil Chopra informs that he has provided his id proofs for processing the verification. He also requests the manager to debit the specific charges from his account.   

Requests kindly do the needful

Thanking You

Yours Faithfully

Nikhil Chopra
(Signature of Nikhil Chopra)

Bank Statement Request Letter in PDF & Word

Bank Statement Request Letter

PDF | Word

Request Letter for Update Bank Passbook

PDF | Word

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