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Cancellation Letter for Credit Card Services -Sample Example

Cancellation Letter for Credit Card: Facility to use credit cards is offered to several customers in many banks. However, on several occasions, based on the situation, it is necessary for either the customer or the bank to terminate the usage of this credit card facility. Generally, this is done by writing a cancellation letter to use credit cards. The communication with respect to cancellation of credit service needs to be done in a formal fashion.

Here, it is essential for anyone to adhere to certain protocols and write a credit card cancellation letter. If you want to write a letter of Retirement and Membership Cancellation, please visit Retirement Letter for letter of retirement and Membership Cancellation Letter for letter of Membership Cancellation.

How to Write Cancellation Letter for Credit Card?

Name of the Sender
Address of the sender
Date on which the letter is written

Name of the Receiver
Address of the receiver

Subject - Termination of your credit card bearing number 234-5678-6438

Dear Sir/Madam,

In the first paragraph the details of the action taken by the bank for the termination of credit card of a customer is given.
In the second paragraph, the details as well as reasons for the termination is given.
In the third paragraph, the bank will specify implications and alternatives to avoid termination of the credit card.

Thank you,

Yours truly,
Branch manager

It may be necessary for the bank to terminate the usage of a customer’s credit card under certain circumstances. This may be due to many reasons. Hence, a letter from the bank is usually sent to the customer from the branch manager.

Sample Cancellation Letter for Credit Card Example

In order to get his/her credit card cancelled, given below is a sample letter that a customer must write to a bank manager.

Request To Cancel My Credit Card

George Hawkins
5687 Johnson Avenue
Erie Rhode Island 27975
(670) 663-4518

Date: 01-01-2017

Steve Moran
P.O. Box 989 4789 Stefan Road
Lebanon KY 68409

Subject: Request to cancel my credit card - 4321-8967-5634

Dear Sir,

George Hawkins informs that he has been issued a credit card linked to his account bearing number-4321-8967-5634. He says that he has been using this card for the past three years, and is very satisfied with the services rendered by the bank. However, owing to certain personal reasons, George Hawkins says that he no longer is in need of this credit card. Therefore, George Hawkins requests the bank to terminate or cancel it with immediate effect.

The details of the card are given below by George Hawkins:

Name on the card – George Hawkins
Card number - 4321-8967-5634
Date of expiry - May 2021
CVV - 011
Type of card - Platinum

George Hawkins further says that he has cleared all the dues associated with this card. The last transaction made on this card was in the year 2018.

George Hawkins requests the bank to issue a letter of confirmation regarding the termination of this card when once it has been done. This is required for his future reference and records.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,
George Hawkins

(Signature of George Hawkins)

Credit Card Cancellation Letter Issued By a Bank to A Customer

Michael Porter
P.O. Box 142 1699 Winchester Rd.
Bandera South Dakota 46149
(969) 129-8564


Thomas Green
Ap #686-3579 Kevin Avenue
Latrobe DE 39100

Subject - Credit Card Cancellation

Dear Sir,

Michael Porter, from the bank, informs that Thomas Green’s credit card, linked to his account bearing number 384692997, has been terminated with immediate effect.

Michael Porter further informs Thomas Green that it has been noticed by the bank that Thomas Green is a serial defaulter, and has not paid the interests on time. Despite regular warnings from the bank, Thomas Green has failed to comply the rules. Michael Porter informs further that Thomas Green has also not been reachable over the phone when the Bank’s collection executive had tried to get in touch with Thomas Green. Michael Porter, from the bank, says that he has also not received any communication from Thomas Green regarding the same.

Therefore, on behalf of the bank, Michael Porter has decided to levy a fine, details of which shall be communicated to Thomas Green soon.
The bank requests Thomas Green to clear all the dues before the bank cancels the termination of Thomas Green’s credit card. Michael Porter, from the bank, says that any queries regarding the same can be addressed to Michael Porter over written form of communication only.

Thank you,

Yours truly,
Michael Porter

(Signature of Michael Porter)

Cancellation Letter by Customer to Bank Manager to have his Credit Card Terminated

John Romero
666-4366 Lacinia Avenue
Idaho Falls Ohio 15253
(258) 685-4507


Keith Sellers
357-7766 Wellington St.
Woodruff SC 40854

Subject: Request to cancel my credit card - 5167-8945-3856

Dear Sir,

The body of the letter should highlight the request to terminate or cancel the credit card. Besides, the full details of the credit card should be given including other requests if any.

Thank you,

Yours Sincerely,

John Romero
(Signature of John Romero)


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