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Declaration Letter Template – Format, Sample & Example

Declaration Letter: In our everyday life, there comes situations where we face times when we have to make a few announcements, acknowledgments, or an individual needs to state/ assert, consent, etc. some information against/ towards another individual or an organization/authority in a proper manner. Such information then needs to be framed properly and later needs to be legal affirmations and binding for the candidate making the same.

One such letter that comes with any such information that is mentioned above is known as a letter of declaration. A declaration is a formal announcement letter about any information that appears to be important and must be shared among the individuals you are working with or living with.  

Declaration Letter

We all have at a certain time come across several occasions when we have written a letter but never realized what it must be called. Some of those letters include a self-declaration about the educational qualifications and current or previous employment/ job profile that we made while applying for a new job. It could also be a letter indicating some financial obligation an individual might be facing and hence either looking for slack in tuition fees in school/ college or while applying for some loan.

Declaration Letter Format

A self-declaration letter can also be the one while you declare the fitness of your medical condition before moving on to an adventurous trip, which we called as a medical fitness certificate. 

We can state many other examples of such letters that we have been using for various purposes at different time points that might not be used very frequently but are equally important when needed. For example, a sponsorship letter applying for immigration, submission of a report/ statement to the court against an ongoing process in legal court, shareholders receive such letters from heads of various organizations, vendors receiving letters for a tender they might have applied for towards private or public authorities, etc. 

As we have always said that any letter that comes with information that leads to a change legally and carries some important meaning thoroughly needs to be framed well in a formal format. A format is something that gives any application/ letter the right look and shape. So is the case with a declaration. Also, once you have a format, it would surely be easy for anyone to start writing the letter and to frame the correct content to give the body to the letter. 

How to write a Declaration Letter

Well, to make it easier for you, we have divided the format of a standard declaration into four main components:

  • The writer’s identity: Well, the foremost purpose of writing a declaration is to develop and create a sense of credibility and hence it is better to go straight mentioning the writer who is writing it and in what capacity also. The writer’s value comes with the authority the writer establishes on the subject, hence, mentioning the writer’s identification is very important to mark. 
  • The Letter receiver/recipient: Well, of course writing about the individual intended to receive the letter is another important component of a declaration. It is not necessarily an individual but could be an organization/ authority as well. Of course, the body, that is, the language/ tone of the letter very much relies on the intended recipient and must be kept in mind while writing.

In some cases, this could also be a possibility that the declaration is going out to a group of unknown people or an unknown individual, and in one such case the phrase “To whomsoever, it may concern” can be used for a generic useful purpose, mainly used in general public notices. Sometimes students also look for a reference letter from their respective departments to apply for internships and training to a number of organizations/ institutions and that is where such letters are being used.

Other examples of public notices that are being used are tenders being circulated by the government departments, some bonafide letters published by the human resource department to members of various departments in the organization regarding requirements like letters of employment, home address proof, medical certificates, or a bank load, etc. 

  • Date: Well, of course, for any type of document, the date is one important component to be mentioned to clarify the date of issuance of that particular document. It is essential as it may lead to affect the claims and will keep the purpose of the letter more relevant. So, be very sure that you marked the date of writing a declaration. So that it will be considered more credible and valuable wherever being used and also not to avoid any misuse after some time not valid any further. 
  • The final Declaration: You can call it a final conclusive statement that which is like the heart of this letter that is the reason why this letter is being written in the first place. Remember that the body/ content of this section must be drafted very carefully and with well-used words. A thorough proofreading before sending out the letter would not be a bad idea and will help in conveying proper communication that eventually fulfills the purpose of the declaration. 

Declaration Letter Sample with Examples

Apart from the above-mentioned components, the standard rules of writing any document of formal importance are applicable to this letter as well. The letter has to be very assertive and must sound as polite as possible. 

Mainly these letters are going out for official purposes and can also be used as a document recorded for legal proceedings in court cases. Therefore, every word that you penned down in a declaration must be thought carefully and wisely before finalizing it over the paper. 

It would be great if written in lesser words but with a precise and crisp set of words. You don’t need to use any fancy or sugar-coated words unnecessarily just to make it ambiguous. 

We are pretty sure that you’d be able to find a variety of declaration letters over other pages on the internet but considering your convenience as our priority, we tried to develop as many examples as possible and gather them all together over here at one place. We hope that you would find them useful and worth sharing as well. Thank you for staying with us. 

Some of the declaration samples are been listed and framed here for your reference. Do follow and kindly use them as references. 

Declaration letter to the Bank

The Branch Manager
[Bank name]
[Bank address]

Date: **/**/**

Dear Sir/ ma’am,

This is to inform you that I am an account holder in your bank with name [write your name] and account number [write your account number]. A month back, I applied for a personal loan in the amount of Rs. 10,00,000/-.

For the same, I am asked to provide the bank with the necessary documents that I hereby have attached to this letter.

I also declare that every document and information provided here is best and true to my knowledge. I understand I will be legally responsible for any action to be taken if found guilty of misrepresentation of facts/ incorrect information submitted to the bank.

Kindly review and please process with the necessary actions.

Thank you so much.

Best regards,

Yours sincerely,

[Write your name]

[Mark your signature]

Declaration letter for Immigration

Date: (**/**/**)

The Honorable
[State the respective address],

Dear Sir/ ma’am,

I, [write your name], a resident of your country, USA, am writing this to you to kindly request you to please grant a visa to XYZ [write the name of invited person] for the duration from ** to **. I here declare that I take full responsibility for their accommodation and another financial sufficiency during this while.

Apart from this, I also declare to take full responsibility for their medical or other expenses, if needed, during this duration. I understand that I will be liable to any penalties if I break the legal obligations or remain unable to fulfill my responsibilities.

I look forward to your necessary support.

Thank you so much, sir.

Best regards,

Yours sincerely,

[write your name]

[mark your signature]

Declaration letter for Insurance

Date: DD MM, YY

[Recipient Name]
[Name of Insurance company/ organization]
[Address of Insurance company]

[Sender’s/ writer’s name]
[Sender’s/ writer’s address]

Subject: [Write the purpose of this letter in brief]

Dear Sir,

In regard to our last discussion on the mentioned subject, I would like to inform you that I have undergone my medical examination as suggested by you and your organization. Also, I am happy to update you that all the reports look good and confirmed by a medical professional. For your reference, I have attached the reports herewith in this letter.

Also, I hereby declare that all the reports attached here are true and original to the best of my knowledge and understanding. I am aware of the legal proceeding to be taken if any discrepancies are found with the same and other consequences related to my policy.

Kindly accept and please do the needful.

Thank you.

Best regards,

[write your name]
[mention any detail like Policy no., etc., if any]
[Mark your signature]

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