Membership Cancellation Letter Template Sample & Examples

The main purpose of writing a membership cancellation letter is that the user is not happy with the services. The membership cancellation letter is normally written by the user to a vendor, a service provider or an institution. Hence, the letter indicates withdrawal of the user’s name.

Membership Cancellation Letter Format

Professional, polite, and diplomatic note, should be used that has no visible hints of anger or frustration. These are important while writing a membership cancellation letter. Given below reflects a format used for writing this letter.

Date of writing this letter should be mentioned first

Name of the recipient to be indicated

In the next line, Address should be written, followed by contact details, like email ID, and phone number.

In the subject line, Membership cancellation should be specified.

Next comes salutation like ‘Dear’ and the name of the recipient should be indicated.

The body of the letter can be written in two paragraphs. In the first paragraph the user should include his name, subscription or membership number, his address, and postal code. The user should write that he/she intends to cancel his/her membership. The user should also state the reason as to why he/she wants to cancel the membership. It should be written briefly, and not in an elaborate way. The format of letter of Retirement is given in Retirement Letter.

In the next paragraph, the user should ask the authority for confirmation of cancellation. In certain situations, the user should ensure to enquire if there is any refund or cancellation fee, in the letter.

Now the user can write ‘Best Wishes’

Next comes the Signature part, followed by writing the user’s name.

How To Write a Cancellation Letter for Membership?

The following is the procedure used for how to write a cancellation letter for membership.

In the first line ‘Date’ on which the letter is written is indicated. In the next line ‘Name of the Recipient’ followed by ‘Address’ is written. In the next line ‘Subject’ should be written. Next comes the Salutation part, like ‘Dear Ms/Mr and the ‘Name of the Recipient’ should be written. Next comes the body of the letter in which the user should inform that he/she would like to request with the authority to cancel his/her membership in a polite way. The body of the letter of Cancellation Credit Card is shown in Cancellation Letter for Credit Card. Next, the user should say that he/she is bound to cancel owing to an unavoidable circumstance.

Further, the user should say that he might not be available to participate in any activity organized by the club in the future. The user should say that the membership to the club has given a nice experience so far in terms of relaxation and meeting new people. Besides, the user should inform the club that the facilities provided by the club are found be impeccable. If you want to plan the weekly planner, find the article Weekly Planner Template.

The user further informs the club that he/she hopes that this membership will continue to serve more and more people to make their life happy and prosperous.

In the next line ‘Thanking you’ is written. In the last line Signature of the user is written followed by the ‘Name of the user.’

Membership Cancellation Letter Sample with Example

Gym Membership Cancellation Letter

George Patrick
576 Socius Rd.
Bethlehem Utah 4644
(969) 373-4634


John Romero
47445 Lacinia Avenue
Idaho Falls Ohio 18254


Dear John Romero,

George Patrick informs John Romero and requests him to consider this letter as an official notice for the cancellation of George Patrick’s membership with John Romero’s gym. George Patricks says that his membership number is 123-0000-11111-0000.

George Patrick informs John Romero that according to the terms of the contract, the last date of George Patrick’s membership with the gym is on 25-06-2019. George Patrick says since he is moving to another state, it will not be possible for him to continue with the membership. Hence, George Patrick would like to request John Romero to cancel the membership of George Patrick with the gym. As far as payment is concerned, George Patrick says that he has paid all the fees and hence, there will not be any issue in cancelling it.

George Patrick informs that it was an outstanding experience for him to participate in the gym activities.

George Patrick informs that he is looking forward for John Romero’s confirmation in this regard.

With Best Wishes,

Your Faithfully,
George Patrick

(Signature of George Patrick)

Club Membership Cancellation Letter

Keith Sellers
676 Brown St.
Woodruff SC 48854
(478) 363-2641


Kim Porter
589 Kings Rd.
Bandera South Dakota 55344


Dear Mr Kim Porter,

Keith Sellers informs Kim Porter that unfortunately, he must cancel his membership with the club owned by Kim Porter. Keith Sellers further says that his account number with the club is -7892-5643-0897-4321.

Keith Sellers informs that he has no complaints regarding the club operated by Kim Porter and its facilities. Owing to the nature of the job, Keith Sellers informs that he has been transferred to a new location. Hence, Keith Sellers says that it is not possible for him to continue the membership anymore. Further, he says that it was a nice experience with the club. Keith Sellers conveys his best wishes to Kim Porter and hopes that the club will continue giving the best, enriching the lives of people for many years to come.

Keith Sellers requests Kim Porter to please confirm the receipt of the letter and the cancellation. He has enclosed the cancellation fee with the letter.

Keith Sellers wishes Kim Porter all the best for his future endeavors.   

Thanking you,

Keith Sellers
(Signature of Keith Sellers)

Church Membership Removal Letter

John Greene
Ap. 289 Curzon Avenue
Latrobe DE 5645
(608) 23665-5745


Tim Hawkins
45855 Nunc. Avenue
Erie Rhode Island 26975

Subject: Church membership removal letter

Dear Tim Hawkins,

With due respect, John Greene informs Tim Hawkins that after he receives this letter, John Greene requests Tim Hawkins to remove Greene’s name from the list of members and consider John Greene to be no longer a part of the Christian Church. Moreover, John Greene requests Tim Hawkins that after he receives this letter, he should remove John Greene’s name from all the associated records.

John Greene informs Tim Hawkins that it was a nice experience for John Greene to be associated with the Church for a long time. John Greene says that he was blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of the church.

Sincerely yours,

John Greene
(Signature of John Greene)

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