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Name Change Request Letter Sample Template with Examples

In today’s life, anyone needs to know how to write the name change request letter that is needed at various institutions. Hence, the user should be very precise and clear while framing this letter. Accordingly, one should note that there must not be any ambiguity in the letter. However, it should be noted here that writing formal letters is found still in practice in several organizations.

Name Change Request Letter

Hence, everyone needs to go through some examples, which will give a good idea while drafting these letters. Accordingly, the user can find some formats and samples that are identical to such types of formal letters. 

Format of Name Change Request Letter

It is necessary to follow a specific pattern whenever anyone starts writing a formal letter for placing an order. Given below is a format to write the same:

The various components of a name change request letter, includes the Sender’s Address, Date, Addressee's Address, Subject, Salutation, Body of the letter, and lastly, Name and Designation.      

How to Write a Name Change Request Letter?

Given below is the method used for writing a name change request letter. They are:

  • The letter should explain the error or the change he/she intends to correct or make in the letter
  • In the letter, one should request to make the changes
  • The user should enclose the required documents and proofs
  • The user should write the letter briefly, clearly, and to the point
  • The user should use simple and direct language
  • Using a proper format or layout is preferred
  • The user needs to mention his/her new name, and old name, properly
  • At the end of the statement, the signature must be done
  • Professional language usage is important
  • Contact information must be added without forgetting it

Sample Request Letter for Name Change with Examples

There are several types of a name change request letter. For instance, one can write to get his/her name changed in schools, banks, credit cards, etc. One must follow some specific format in each type of request letter. Some formats and samples of these types of letters are written below.

Accordingly, the letter should be brief, clear, and to the point. Using separate paragraphs is necessary in the case of separate topics. In the first paragraph itself, the theme of the letter should be indicated. Ideas must be presented properly by adopting a correct format. One can refer to some letter templates that are available on the internet.  

Some of the examples of name change request letters include a Bank account name change request letter, a Request letter for a change of name in school, a Request letter for the name change on a credit card, a Request letter for a name change on the cheque, and Name change request letter after marriage. Those individuals who intend to change their names after marriage or through court have to furnish a name change letter to get the official records, updated. Hence, the individual has to write the letter in a proper method to the concerned authority.

Credit Card Name Change Request Letter

Meena Chopra,
40 Karol Bag, Delhi

Date: 4th March 2020

Customer Service Centre
Axis Visa Card
Hometown, Delhi

Subject: Credit card Name Change Request Letter

Dear Customer Service Centre,

Meena Chopra writes this request letter for changing the name in her credit account. She informs that her earlier name was Meena Bhatia, and now her newly married name is Meena Chopra. She says that she is enclosing a copy of the name-changing certificate as proof.

Meena Chopra requests the customer care service center of Axis bank to update her records, and issue her a new credit card reflecting this change. Meena Chopra further requests the customer care center, to let her know if they require any further information or details.    



Meena Chopra

Sample of Request Letter for Change Name in Cheque

Nikhil Chopra,
78 Green Avenue, Delhi

Date: 6th July 2020

The manager
The Indian Bank,
57 Safdarjung Enclave,

Subject: Change of name on the Cheque

Dear Mr Suresh,

Nikhil Chopra officially informs Mr. Suresh, the bank manager that he has legally changed his name. His previous name, which is at present in the records for the account number -77888990564 is, Amit Chopra.

Nikhil Chopra informs that he is authorizing to change his name in the check books issued to his legal name: Nikhil Chopra. Mr. Chopra informs that he has enclosed a copy of proof of his name change.

Nikhil Chopra informs that he can be reached at his new email id:, mobile number 7897875678, or at the aforesaid address for any further queries.


Nikhil Chopra
(Signature of Nikhil Chopra)

Enclosed: Name Change Proof

Bank Account Name Change Request Letter

Nitin Chopra,
4 Great Avenue, Delhi

Date: 2nd June 2020

The manager
The Indian Bank,
78 Wellington Enclave,

Subject: Change in the Name of the Account holder for Account Number - 078736132

Dear Mr. Ajay,

Nitin Chopra informs Mr. Ajay, Bank manager, officially that his name has been changed. His previous name that exists in the records of the bank for the above-mentioned account, was Sunil Chopra.

Accordingly, Nitin Chopra hereby authorizes the bank manager to change his records with his legal name referred to as Nitin Chopra. Mr. Chopra has enclosed a copy of the proof with regard to his name change.

Nitin Chopra confirms that he can be reached on his new email id:, mobile number,7879878998 or at the above address, if the bank has any questions.


Nitin Chopra
(Signature of Person)

Enclosed: Proof of Name Change

Request Letter for Change of the Name in School Records

Sunil Gupta
XI standard
Vidyalaya High School, Delhi

Date:4th Oct 2019

The Principal,
Vidyalaya High School, Delhi

Subject: Request for Changing Name

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sunil Gupta requests the Principal of the Vidyalaya High School, Delhi, to change his new name as Sunil Gupta from his old name, Anil Gupta. Sunil Gupta further requests to change his name on all the official records of the school. He says that he will be grateful to the Principal in this regard.

Sunil Gupta conveys his thanks in anticipation.

Yours obediently,

Name: Sunil Gupta
Class: XI standard

Sample Application for Name Change in School

Name: Vimal Sethi
Class: 9th Standard-G

Date: 25th Jan. 2019


The Principal,
Happy House School System
New Campus, Delhi

Subject: Request for Changing Name

Dear Madam,

Vimal Sethi, with due respect, hereby states that his name has been changed from his old name, Kamal Mehrotra, to his new name as Vimal Sethi. Accordingly, he requests the Principal to change his new name in the official records of the school.

Vimal Sethi requests the Principal to change his name in all the records of the school so that it does not create any issues in the future. Vimal Sethi shall be very grateful to the Principal for his help in this respect.

Vimal Sethi conveys his thanks to the Principal in anticipation.

Yours Obediently,

Vimal Sethi
Class 9- G

A handwritten or printed letter is used in professional communications, nowadays. The above indicates some of the simple sample letters that can assist anyone to solve the issue of getting the name changed at various places. Using a proper format and by writing a letter, it is possible for anyone to get his/her name changed at any institution in a hassle freeway.

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