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Pay Raise Request Letter Template – Complete Writing Guide

What is a pay raise request letter? As an employee, you are aware that you’re underpaid. It is difficult to tell your boss about increasing your salary.  If you ever felt about your need and work that your salary is not enough to you, you have done much but not getting any desirable reward from the company as increasing salary, you should think about it. 

Let’s do it easy, for that you need to write a formal letter to the manager and aware him of your work and your family importance level in the company. It is a kind of humble request to increase your salary. 

Is it right to ask for a pay raise in a letter?

Business experts consider that you should discuss about your income and wages with your head when you joined a work as an employee. It can be difficult to discuss few things after some months regarding salary and pay scale if you are not getting a desirable amount. 

But, it’s a best way to write a letter to company about your salary which makes you comfortable and relieve from your hesitation. It is opportunity to satisfy your needs and desires in easy way. 

What goes into crafting the perfect pay raise request letter

There are some important things/notes for ones has never written a letter pay raise request letter in formal language :

  • One who write a letter for pay raise request letter, as a recipient you have to aware about some significant norms for it, like to whom you have to write a letter. 
  • Secondly, you should get the recent condition of your company/agency that it’s working in a best way or not. And find a appropriate time for writing a letter. 
  • Thirdly, while you write letter You have to aware mention a appropriate reason to increase your salary which have reflect your efforts in company that how much your services is important and mention your work desirable as per pay scale.
  • Your letter reflects your impact in front of your head, so, simplify your desire as per your work otherwise they count it as increasing salary. 

In short, to write a letter about pay raise request letter, you conduct a search of significant norms of company, working department, experience qualification and salary of employees, so that you does not misguide and express your issues to them. 

What not to put in a pay raise request letter :

There are some things which you do not have to mention in your letter when you write a pay raise request letter :

  • As a worker of a company, you should be updated about your company’s financial condition that your salary is appropriate as your work in which the company provides you. If it’s higher than your eligibility, that’s best for you to not say about your pay scale.
  • You can indicate your services which are evaluated by your head and manager that can reflect your efforts to it and recognize you are eligible for an increased salary or not.
  • As an employee, you are supposed to like your business and face its problems as your own. It’s better to come up with solutions to signify why you deserve a raise and how you can use the added motivation to add value to your company.
  • A positive approach goes a long way when it comes to a pay raise request letter. So, don’t play the victim. Instead, it’s best to show how you are an essential asset for your organization.

There are important sample letters, in that you can get approach to writing a pay raise request letter and also kind of promotion letter formally :

Pay Raise Request Letter

Date: May 1st, 2021

Aaron Carter
Project manager,
Oxford assets and I management
Key Largo, FL 33185

Subject: Request for A pay raise

Dear Aaron,

         As I have been joined work as an employee remotely and now it’s business going good. There are things which I get time to discuss my compensation.

         As you know, I am working as a financial analyst for the last few years, but last 3 years, I become a fundamental part of corporate finance time where I have contributed considerably.

         Last year, I have been managed to lead the digital transformation of our financial platform I achieved milestones:

  • 30% improvement in productivity
  • 60% reduction in the cost of procurement
  • 22% growth in revenue

        As I have mentioned the above achievement, I got a chance to discuss the possibility of a raise with you at an appropriate time. I have researched, a 15% raise would be judicious based on my role, responsibility, and the pay scale of companies similar to ours.

         I have enjoyed working for the last 3 years in your company and I want to do keep working for this organization for the next years to come.

         I would like to discuss things with you personally also when I’ll get an appropriate time.

Yours sincerely,

Matilda Davis.  

Pay Raise Request Letter Template in PDF & Word

Sample Pay Raise Request Letter

PDF | Word

Pay Raise Request Letter

PDF | Word

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