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Request Letter For Internship [Sample Template with Example]

Request Letter For Internship: In today’s college life, internship plays a crucial role and in this respect, every student is enthusiastic about doing an internship. Accordingly, his/her name gets shortlisted for a place to do an internship. The student’s work projects and the quarterly exams are always done so that he/she gets an internship at a recognized place. This will not only add value and knowledge to the career of the student but also helps to get a good job. 

Request Letter For Internship

Hence, in today’s scenario, it is essential for anyone to gain access to an internship at a good place, which will be helpful for him/her in a future career. Even though a student cannot dream or aim, or has to impress the company or administration of the college to get an internship at the right place.

Request Letter For Internship

The program related to an internship can be used to gain professional experience in the field of study, which can take the student in the career ahead. It is essential for a student to apply for an internship in the best way so that it can leave a positive impact on the employer. Accordingly, the student’s application is considered for an internship. By writing a formal internship request, a student can apply for an internship and get his/her application accepted. This letter should be framed clearly by stating the aim of applying for an internship program with the company, thereby impressing the employer.   

Sample Internship Request Letter

John Peterson,
Block - F, Tiger Road,
Arizona, USA - 20002

Date: July 7, 2020

Robert Mathews
T - 78/13, MG Road,
Penessila, USA - 50002

Subject: -Internship Request Letter

Dear Robert Mathews

John Peterson informs Robert Mathews that he is studying in Crescent College in the year 2020, and is interested to join the esteemed organization for internship. The program of the internship is for one year and John Peterson says that the company is ideal and perfectly suited for attending the program.

John Peterson further informs that his academic achievements and credentials are relevant to the course. Accordingly, he is interested to complete this internship, which is a requirement of the course. John Peterson informs that he is enclosing the list of documents, academic credentials and achievements that are relevant to his profile. He requests Robert Mathews to use these documents as reference and examine them in detail.

John Peterson further requests Robert Mathews to consider his application and have a look at all the documents to process it further. John Peterson looks forward for a favorable response from Robert Mathews.

Yours Sincerely,

John Peterson

Request Letter for Internship Training

Angelina Gerald,
Curt Road, KG City,
Bermuda, China - 20077
(+090) - 121-234-567

Date: Dec 13, 2019

Leonardo Cummins
Film Word, B- 57
Las Angelus, USA - 50008
(+698) - 698-3526-76

Dear Leonardo Cummins

Angelina Gerald informs Leonardo Cummins that she is studying in the batch of 2019 at College of Loyola, and is a regular and hard-working student. As a part of Angelina’s course, she would have to do an internship in which Angelina has to learn about the roles and responsibilities related to the work profile, which she will be looking forward to gain in the future.

During the time of browsing the list of the various names of potential companies, Angelina Gerald informs Leonardo Cummins that she came across this company which matches the list of requirements that Angelina Gerald has. Further, Angelina thinks that she will have better opportunity to learn from the organization owned by Leonardo Cummins. Further, Angelina says that she has interacted with many people working at the company for many years. Accordingly, Angelina is of the opinion that she will get the best hands-on experience while doing an internship in the company owned by Leonardo Cummins.

Angelina Gerald informs that she is enclosing her resume that lists all her academic qualifications and credentials. Besides, she has attached a list of project assignments that she has worked and successfully completed throughout the semester. Angelina Gerald requests Leonardo Cummins to examine the documents and consider her application for training.

Angelina Gerald will be awaiting a reply from Leonardo Cummins about the possibility of getting an opportunity.

Yours Sincerely,

Angelina Gerald

How to Write an Email Asking for an Internship

Michael Taylor
V - 46/02, T - 68,
Boston City,
Bejing, China - 100099
(+35) - 688-476-9986

Date: 2nd March 1990

John Travolta,
68 - B, Central Mall,
Fungi City - USA

Subject: Writing an Email Asking For An Internship

Dear John Travolta,

Greetings from Michael Taylor to John Travolta

Michael Taylor informs John Travolta that he is happy to write this letter to discuss the internship opportunity. Michael further says that he has seen a list that is advertised on the website of John Travolta, where it is mentioned the availability of many internship opportunities. It also includes the list of roles and responsibilities that the interns need to have.

Michael Taylor informs John Travolta that he is studying at Boston College in the year 1990, and wishes to apply for the internship program for two years offered by the esteemed organization, owned by John Travolta. Michael Taylor informs John Travolta further that he has read a lot about the company owned by the latter and the people working in it. Accordingly, Michael Taylor feels that he will be learning more and getting better knowledge while going through the internship offered by the organization.

Michael Taylor informs John Travolta that he has enclosed his resume and other documents with this mail for John Travolta to examine and consider his application for the internship. Michael Taylor informs John Travolta that he will be looking forward to hearing from John, and discussing the possibilities of his future.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Taylor

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