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Request Letter for Payment Template with Sample & Examples

Request Letter for Payment: Making and taking of payments are something that happens in today’s world of business. This is a very important task that needs to be taken care of focussing complete care and honesty by anyone. Individuals dealing with many kinds of business involving different transactions everyday have to deal carefully with money matters. 

Request Letter for Payment

In general, it can be said that many people do feel that getting payments transferred through a written mode is something that he/she can maintain as documents. This action provides proof for both the parties. Moreover, this practice will help if one of the parties fails to make payments on time, and address the other. Then in such cases, it has to be seen that keeping a record of payments due from the other party to get the payments done, is essential.

How to write Request Letter for Payment

Hence, in order to get things going, a Letter of Request is considered as one of the best methods to show anyone’s professionalism. Besides, this will also remind the other party to respond to the first party, immediately. This is a formal type of request letter written by the company to one of its customers or sometimes this letter may be addressed by the customers to the company. In both the situations, it is essential to ask to pay the outstanding payment in a polite way. However, there is method to write this formal letter, and it is essential for all to know as to how to write this payment request letter.

Given below is a format of Payment Request Letter

Payment Request Letter Format

Komal Shinde
New York City,
New York, USA

Seema Godse
Alaska City,

Date 10/09/2018

Subject: Payment Request Letter

Dear Seema Godse

Komal Shinde who is working as a Finance Assistant in Prithvi Finance Company, informs Seema Godse that payment is due to Prithvi Finance Company. The amount of payment to be paid is $5000, and needs to be paid within 5-09-2018 to 16-09-2018. The invoice of the payment that needs to be paid is attached in this mail. Komal Shinde requests Seema Godse to have a look at it for review, and make payment. 

Komal Shinde further informs Seema Godse that she would be glad to settle the process of this payment as soon as possible before the due date ends. As per the information by the department of the accounts of Prithvi Finance Company, it is clear that only payment is due from Seema Godse’s company. Shinde further informs Seema Godse that Prithvi Finance Company is interested to close the balance sheet at the earliest. Komal Shinde requests Seema Godse to acknowledge this mail, and as a gentle reminder asks her to do the needful.

Komal Shinde requests Seema Godse to get in touch with Prithvi Finance Company in case of any doubt or clearance required from the company.   


Komal Shinde

Outstanding Payment Request Letter

Deepa Singh
HR Executive
New Colony, Jaipur,

Date: Jan 2, 1998

Sonia Gupta
Vimal Nagar,
New Society,
Azamgarh, 40004

Dear Sonia Gupta

Deepa Singh writes this letter to inform Sonia Gupta about the outstanding payment that has to be paid and is pending from her company. Deepa Singh says that it was a pleasure serving Sonia Gupta who is working at Kendell Finance so far. Deepa Singh requests Sonia Gupta that it is time for her that she should clear the dues from her Company and make the outstanding payment.

Deepa Singh even writes further from her company that reminder mail was sent last time, but there was no response to it, and no payment has been made so far. Deepa Singh requests Sonia Gupta to avoid any delay in payment, and not to create complication in this matter. Hence, Deepa Singh requests Sonia Gupta to make the payment due from her company at the earliest and close the case as soon as possible.


Deepa Singh

Request Letter for Payment Release

Mona Singh
Crescent Road,
New Delhi

Pragya Chandra
King Road, Pan Chou Raha,
Lucknow 246229

Date: 14/02/2001

Subject : Payment Request Letter

Dear Pragya Chandra

Mona Singh writes this letter to Pragya Chandra informing her about the due payment that needs to be released from her end, but not done so far. Mona Singh says that she is based in New Delhi, and requests Pragya Chandra to release the payment as soon as possible.

This mail sent by Mona Singh is a gentle reminder to Pragya Chandra to arrange for payment and release it before the due date, which is on 16-02-2001. Hence, Mona Singh requests Pragya Chandra once again to release the payment before the last date to avoid any kind of issues.

Mona Singh requests Pragya Chandra to contact Mona Singh for any kind of clearance or doubt.


Mona Singh
Crescent Road,
New Delhi

Sample Letter Requesting Payment for Services Rendered

Nick Brown
Amanda Pvt Co. Ltd,
California, USA

Date – Nov 5, 1997

Kim Johnson
68/13- Street 2, White Ring Road,
Alaska City, USA


Dear Kim Johnson,

Nick Brown from Amanda Pvt Co. Ltd, writes this letter to Kim Johnson to inform him about the services rendered from his company. Further, Nick Brown refers to the visit of Kim Johnson to Amanda Pvt Co. located in California, USA, and Nick Brown informs Kim Johnson that they are glad to give their services. However, Nick Brown says that while checking their records, they have found that payment has not been made so far, and only few days are left to make the payment.

Nick Brown says that a copy of invoice is attached with this mail for verification from Kim Johnson, and requests him to look into it. If there is any clarification needed, Nick Brown requests Kim Johnson to contact him at the earliest.

Nick Brown from Amanda Pvt Co. Ltd., further clarifies that if the payment has been made already, then he requests Kim Johnson to ignore this letter. If the payment still needs to be made, then Nick Brown requests Kim Johnson to please send the full amount due, at the earliest.

Nick Brown says that being a valued customer, he requests Kim Johnson that he should act promptly in this regard. Nick Brown looks forward to hearing from Kim Johnson soon.


Nick Brown

Polite Request Letter for Payment

430, Kim Street,
Open Market,
New York, USA,

Pink City,
Panama City,
Panama, 80004

Date – 20/09/2019


Dear Christopher

Thomas writes this letter to Christopher hoping that they have enjoyed the services/products supplied by Thomas and his company on 20/09/2019. Thomas refers to the last visit of Christopher to the Company where Thomas is working. Thomas further says that his company has been waiting for the payment to be made by Christopher’s company, and thereby, clear all the dues pending for payment, so far.

Accordingly, Thomas requests Christopher to consider this request as a gentle reminder and make the payment before the due date, 25/09/2019. Thomas says that an invoice is attached with this mail for the reference of Christopher.

Thomas requests Christopher to make the payment as soon as possible.



Request Letter for Payment of Balance Amount

Preethi Thakur
Power US Solution Ltd,
24/99, Flower Market,
Dallas, USA

Date – Dec 7, 2018

Alina Dsouza
57/90, New Big Colony
Arizona, USA

Subject: Request Letter for Payment of Balance Amount

Dear Alina Dsouza

Preethi Thakur informs Alina Dsouza about the outstanding payment of US$1000 for the plumbing services rendered. Preethi Thakur would like Alina Dsouza to consider the attached invoice with this mail, and requests Alina Dsouza to complete the payment before the due date, Dec 9, 2018.

Preethi Thakur informs Alina Dsouza that if the amount has been already paid, then Preethi Thakur requests to ignore this mail. But if it is still pending, then Preethi Thakur informs Alina Dsouza to complete the process of payment as early as possible.


Preethi Thakur

Advance Payment Request Letter

Date: 5/03/1998

Ramji Pal
Footwear Company Ltd
47/99, New mall centre
British City, New York
USA, 50009


Respected sir,

I, Ramji London Wale, working as a Driver, would like to request Ramji Pal to make an advance payment of US$ 500. The reason for asking an advance payment is to pay Ramji London Wale’s loan dues.

Kindly consider this application of Ramji London Wale, and send the amount as soon as possible. If Ramji Pal needs any clarification upon the matter, then feel free to contact Ramji London Wale anytime.


Ramji London Wale

Advance Payment Request Letter Project

Dipti Solanki
New City, Near American Bank
Canada, 40002

Date: 5 July 1995

Dear Harsh

Dipti Solanki informs Harsh that it is a pleasure to have contact with him and accordingly, Dipti Solanki is planning to work with Harsh. Hence, Dipti Solanki likes to inform Harsh that before they start working on the project, it will be great if Harsh can make an advance payment of US$500.

Dipti Solanki informs Harsh that the details of the amount and the process are being shared with Harsh as an invoice is attached with this mail.

Dipti Solanki informs Harsh that he is looking forward to hearing from Harsh again, and to have a great association in the project.


Dipti Solanki

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