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Request Letter for Sponsorship Sample Template

Is anyone seeking assistance in writing a Request Letter for sponsorship? If so, the user can be guided by viewing several samples of such letters. They will act as a guide enabling him/her to write a good request letter for sponsorship. The assisting person will be happy if the user achieves a sponsorship.

Sample Request Letter for Sponsorship

The former acknowledges the importance of such sponsorship and the appropriate cause for such sponsorship by the user. Several types of samples will provide the user with an idea of how to write a sponsorship request letter. The person who is assisting hopes that the user will gain access to the samples and accomplish a successful sponsorship. Some of the samples for framing sponsorship request letters include Sponsorship request letters for an event, Sponsorship request email format, and Sponsorship request letters needed for a sports team.  

Sample Request Letter for Sponsorship with Example

Sponsorship Request Letter Examples

Date: 13-12-2016

Peter Ferdinand
1886 Kensington Street
Halifax MA 8767

Dear Peter Ferdinand,

The team leader informs Peter Ferdinand that they operate a non-governmental organization on their university campus, known as ABC. The team is involved in teaching kids of ages ranging from four years to eighteen years who live in the nearby slum area. The team leader further says that this activity is being continued for the last six years and is going on skillfully.

From the current year, it has been decided that some of these excellent kids have been planned to be sent to school to gain a formal education. Besides, it should be understood that some of these kids have been studying in the nearby school, already.

The team leader informs Peter Ferdinand that they are looking for people whom they know, to sponsor at least one child and support, including the organization. Under such a situation, it has to be understood that for sending one kid to a private school, the estimated cost for every student is $X. In this connection, the original copy of the anticipated expenses has been enclosed with the mail. The leader of the team will be happy to answer any queries raised and anyone can meet him personally if desired.

It has to be understood that the support and contribution extended in this respect will certainly change the lives of several kids. Hence, the team leader requests Peter Ferdinand, to offer some thoughts about it, and answer back. The team leader expects to hear from Peter Ferdinand soon.

Thanking you

With Regards,

Vicky Dickson
Team leader

Sample Request Letter for Sponsorship

Date: 30-12-2001

Henry Ford
131 Winchester Road
Framingham MA 697

Dear Henry Ford,

This is to inform you that through an NGO named, People Welfare Organization (PWO), several people have been helped, out of a population of 10,000 living in the area. The name of the community is, “Community Cares,” and it has been existing for approximately ten years. This year, the NGO aims to raise the fund from US$10,000 to US$50000 for helping the above community project.

From date 30-12-2001, the NGO has decided to host a campaign fundraising activity. In this campaign, the NGO will be organizing a few games and activities of fun through a process of registration, and the resulting money earned will be utilized to serve the people of, “Community Cares.”

However, it has been thought by the PWO that its efforts will proceed in a better way, if the Company which Henry Ford is working known as, Doorbell Company, will be named as PWO’s official corporate sponsor.

In this manner, Doorbell Company being an industry should deliver PWO with the desired facility or the contribution amount as specified above. However, in return, the PWO or the NGO will endorse the firm in which Henry Ford is working, as the PWO event’s official sponsor.

In this upcoming activity with the help of PWO and the Henry Ford’s Company joined together. It can be seen that this year’s aim fund-raising campaign will take off well, and serve the people of, “Community Cares” in the best way.

In this regard, it is hoped that this proposal for a fund-raising campaign initiated by People Welfare Organization will be appropriate. The company in which Henry Ford is working should show great interest as being the official PWO sponsor. Hoping to hear from Mr. Henry Ford soon in this regard.

Thank you.


Shahen Khan
687 Massachusetts Ave
Worcester MA 3445

Sample Letter for Sponsorship Request for An Event

Date: 14-12-2015

Mr. Johnston
Chief Director
XYZ Organization

Dear Mr. Johnston,

Good Evening

Ken Wilson informs that their Team ABC, owned by Zeal Tech, is searching for good sponsors to organize a conference event on, “Importance of Technologies in present.” As of today, Ken Wilson states that they have decided the event dates starting from 15-12-2015 to 17-12-2015, and the venue is fixed in Auditorium II, located at the premises of Zeal Tech company.

Further, Ken Wilson informs that a file consisting of a write-up with an overview of the event has been enclosed and forwarded through a mail to the recipient, Mr. Johnston, for his convenience to go through it. In this regard, Ken Wilson informs that he is looking for a share of sponsorship from Mr. Johnston so that it can be implemented successfully at the time of planning the events. Ken Wilson further informs that they are looking forward to getting a response from Mr. Johnston as it will not be possible for them to do this job on their own.

Ken Wilson requests Mr. Johnston to study the write-up and its overview of events, and provide feedback as to what is expected out of the event or missing in the event. Mr. Wilson informs us that his valued suggestions will be helpful in this regard.           

Thanking you

With Regards,

Ken Wilson
14/4 Sinclair Street
Trent bridge MA 5656

Sponsorship Request Email Sample



Subject: Request letter for sponsorship.

Respected Sir/ Ma’am

Michelle Sonia who is a team member of the team in Social Welfare Project requests the donor through this email to involve in a project. This project involves mass marriage that is organized by Sans Charitable Organization, in the coming months, located in the innate town. Richard Sonia informs that this organization is the one that has been involved in several social activities and stands a good reputation. Through this project, many families have been helped and have attained comfort in their lives.

Michelle Sonia says that the expected and estimated cost of the event which includes food, hall rent, music, decoration, and other miscellaneous expenses items, will be approximately US$5000.

Michelle Sonia requests the sponsor to promote the event or any activity that might reduce the burden of cost on this Social Welfare Project. Ms. Sonia hopes to hear from the donor for this project. A copy of a brief overview of this event is attached to this mail, requesting the donor to verify.

Thanking you


Michelle Sonia

Sponsorship Request Letter for Sports Team

Date: 17-12-2000

Mr. Jim,
48 Fun Road
Leominster CA 5744

Dear Mr. Jim,

Tim John writes this letter to Jim that the team ABC of Coventry Corporation has been selected for the State Championship Tournament, which will be held from 18-12-2000 to 26-12 2000. Tim John further informs that this is considered as one of the good opportunities for the sportsmen to participate in the tournament and receive the trophy after their hard work. In this regard, it can be said that the team ABC is working and practicing very hard to grab the trophy.

Tim John informs Jim that sponsorships are being searched for the players to get finance for the upcoming game. The idea here is that all the players need to be provided with a new uniform along with a new game kit to wear while playing on the ground, during the tournament.

An estimated cost for covering all the major requirements is compiled in the file and attached herewith. Tim John informs Jim to review this file for further necessary action and sanction.

Hoping to hear from Jim in this regard soon.

Thank you.

With regards,

Tim John
Fox Town, Team Coach.
1254 CA Road
Seattle CA 1257

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