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Request Letter to Bank Sample Templates with Examples

For several reasons, one has to make a request letter to bank in which he/she is holding an account. The reasons include the need for a new checkbook; if an ATM card is lost, its renewal or reassigning of the card is required. Other important reasons include a change in the password of an ATM card or other guidelines necessary for any money transactions. Generally, in all these cases, the account holder can write a letter addressing the manager of the bank in which he/she holds an account.

Request Letter to Bank

Writing a letter to the bank should be brief and formal. Besides, all the requirements should be written clearly in the letter. Through the use of short and simple sentences, this crucial letter to the bank can be made by the account holder where money is involved. It is also advisable that the details of the account should be examined more than once as indicated in the letter. 

How to Write a Request Letter to Bank

In the case of joint account holders, the details of the secondary account holder should also be informed or added to the mail chain. By doing this, with less hassle, the procedure of writing a request letter to the bank can be executed. 

A default checkbook is normally provided to the account holder while he/she opens an account for the first time. The account holder can request for a new checkbook in case it is lost or the leaves are all used. Hence, he/she can write an application requesting the branch manager to issue a checkbook. Here is a request letter for issuing a checkbook written to the bank manager. 

Cheque Book Request Letter

Nevada Jones
P.O. Box 589 4237 Trafalgar Ave
Green Bay Indiana 17769
(998) 844-8386


Christopher James
87 4229 Kim St.
Rolling Hills Georgia 93567

Subject: Cheque Book Request Letter

Dear Sir,

Nevada Jones states that he is holding a savings account, number 15678934778901, in the Mogappair East branch of BOI, for the last five years. At the beginning of the session on 26th April 2013, he says that he had received a checkbook. As he has utilized all the cheque leaves now in the book, he requests Christopher James to issue a new one. Nevada Jones further informs that he has attached relevant documents and a copy of his PAN card with the mail, to process his request. In case he has missed anything, he requests the bank to notify him.

Nevada Jones requests Christopher James to arrange for the requirement as soon as possible and keep him updated on this matter.

Thank you.


Nevada Jones
(Signature Nevada Jones)

A statement of an account for a whole year or for a month is released by all the banks. This statement reveals the details of all the debit and credit transitions associated with a particular account. In the case of an account holder, this statement is needed for his/her professional use or it allows the account holder to keep himself updated with regard to the activities taking place in his account.

Given below is an example of a letter where an account holder is requesting the BRANCH Manager to issue a bank statement of his/her account.

Bank Statement Request Letter

Timothy Chambers
823 5894 Kings Ave
Liberal Vermont 52456
(466) 440-1899


Sheila James
370 5507 East Rd.
Santa Monica FL 35359

Subject: Bank Statement Request Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

Matthew James from Timothy Chambers, informs Sheila James that he has an account in New Jersey West Branch for the last six years. His account number is 26991289. Till the end of January his passbook was well updated. Matthew James informs that he always maintains his account with regard to all of his transactions.

However, after January, Matthew James states that he went for a holiday due to which he missed some of his transactions getting updated, which he needs now to take into his account for maintaining his personal records. Accordingly, Matthew James requests Sheila James to generate a bank account statement with regard to January’s transactions, and update his passbook.

Matthew James hopes that it will not be much trouble for Sheila James, and awaits for an updated bank statement.

Yours Sincerely,

(Signature of Matthew James)
Timothy Chambers


An application for the issue of an ATM card can be made to the bank because of two reasons. In the first instance, the person has been issued a new ATM card from the bank or he has lost his previous card and requests for a new one. It is always advisable to block the previous card immediately, in the case of a lost card, and seek the bank for a renewal. All the proofs and reasons should be provided by the applicant while making an application.

ATM Card Request Letter Format

824 5978 Tim Ave
Liberal Vermont 53325
(466) 460-0899


Nora Mcintosh
370 4508 Mt Rd.
Santa Monica FL 34349

Subject: ATM Card Request Letter

Hello Nora,

In the branch of Boston Central, an account has been maintained by Mr. Christopher since March 2014. An ATM card issued to him at that time has been found missing for the last two days. Hence, Christopher Nelson requests Nora to block the present ATM card, since there is a feeling that it is not possible for Christopher to find out the missing card. On the other hand, there is a possibility that the ATM card may be used by someone else as well.

Against the same account number, Christopher requests Nora to issue a new card. Besides, Christopher requests Nora to check his documents, the authenticity of his account, and provide the card as soon as possible.



(Signature of Christopher)


Against various types of bank loans, requests for a loan can be written. These loans are categorized as home loans, loans for purchasing a car or it may be a simple loans for personal use. In such cases, the request for a loan should be prepared simply and precisely. The applicant need not use any informal words and each document must be verified before attaching the loan application and documents with the mail.

Request Letter for a Home Loan

Sonia Wilson
789-9890 Crimson Av.
Weirton IN 94489|
(337) 688-3529


Adrianne Russell
415-7666 Win-Rd.
Miami Beach, North Dakota 59573

Subject: Request Letter for a Home Loan

Hello Adrianne Russell,

Sonia Wilson informs Adrianne that an account has been maintained by her in this Miami Beach branch for the last year, and the account number is 44657762. Sonia further informs that a home loan scheme has been started by the bank and its policies are user-friendly. As suggested by the bank’s relationship officer, the feasibility of this loan scheme is favorable. Accordingly, Sonia Wilson states that as an account holder of the bank, there are certain benefits as per the policies of the bank.

Sonia Wilson has decided to seek a home loan in order to purchase a home in three months. Further, Sonia has checked the eligibility criteria with respect to the earnings and has quoted the amount in the attached form. Sonia also informs that all the documents like PAN card, identity card of the company, and proof of earnings have been attached along with the loan application. In addition to this, other ongoing loan details have been enclosed. Sonia states that in case of any more information is needed, the bank can feel free to call her at any time during the day.

Sonia says that in case of any suggestions which may help in increasing the loan amount or help in reducing the rate of interest, guidance can be provided by the bank.

Thanks for all the support.


(Signature Sonia Wilson)

Sonia Wilson


Besides home loans, there is another type of loan similar to a car loan or a personal loan. In this type of loan, the loan amount granted is usually lower than a home loan. Here, the loan seeker need not provide more detail, and approval of this loan is easier to get. Given below is a sample letter that can be drafted, requesting a personal loan.

Letter to Bank Manager for Loan

Jim Daniel
956-1780 King St.
Centennial Delaware 495432
(389) 156-9574


Frederick Adams
6481 Arlington Avenue
Gardena Colorado 38857

Subject: Letter to Bank Manager for Loan

Dear Frederick Adams,

Jim Daniel requests Frederick Adams that he is in need of a personal loan of Rs.35,000 as it is required for the marriage of his sister. Jim Daniel further informs that he has examined the terms and conditions of the loan and says that it is more feasible than other loan plans.

Jim Daniel requests Frederick Adams to guide him regarding this loan, and requests for its approval as soon as possible.

Jim Daniel informs that he has furnished all the necessary documents, and if anything, more is required, he will provide it. Jim Daniel informs that he can be contacted on his telephone number 56433254.

Jim Daniel awaits a reply from Frederick Adams, early.


(Signature of Jim Daniel)

If there is a change in the mobile number of an account holder, then it is essential for him/her to furnish this information to the bank so that the updates of his/her account are not missed. The contact number of the account holder can be updated, and for this purpose, he/she has furnished all the documents to prove the authenticity of the account holder. Accordingly, a letter of request for changing the mobile number can be made by the account holder.

Bank Request Letter for Mobile Number Change

Mathew Devis
965-1770 Commercial. St.
Centennial Delaware 67532
(397) 152-9564


Francis Adams
6678 Gibraltar Avenue
Gardena Colorado 38748

Subject: Bank Request Letter for Mobile Number Change

Hello Francis Adams,

Mathew Devis informs Francis Adams that he has been holding an account in the branch of State Bank of India for the last five years, and his account number is 43876587. Mathew Davis informs Francis Adams that he has changed his mobile number recently. Further, he informs Francis Adams that his old number is no more valid, and hence, requests to update his new contact details with the new number.

Mathew Devis informs Francis Adams that his new mobile number is 987654321. He requests the bank to update the contact details as early as possible so that he does not miss receiving any updates regarding his account.

Mathew Davis says that in case of any further query, he will be available on the aforesaid new mobile number.



Mathew Davis

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