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Request Letter to Principal – Sample with Examples

It is important in the life of a student to write a request letter to principal of a school or college for any issues that he/she might be facing. Frequently, it can be either the student or his /her parent who writes a letter of request to the principal for many reasons. One of the reasons might be that sometimes the student may fall sick or he/she requires a duplicate marks sheet.

request letter to principal

Some of the other reasons might include that the student may have to seek approval from the principal for attending a seminar or going on any excursion.  Hence, a request letter comes into the picture wherein the student has to write a letter to the principal for his/her approval. This action will help the student to grow in his/her academic life, successfully.

Such types of letters are mostly written by parents or guardians, but if required, a student can always write this type of request letter.

Sample Letter of Request to Principal

While writing a request letter, in the first instance, the principal should be addressed respectfully. The subject line of the letter should indicate the purpose of the letter. The details of the student, like his name, class in which he/she studies, or his roll number, should be mentioned. Besides, it is necessary to mention clearly in the letter, the relationship of the writer with the student in question. Next comes the objective of writing this letter. The request should be short and humble and should be valid enough for approval. In the case of a leave letter for illness, it is essential to attach the related documents.

The request letter should be written in a formal tone and be thankful to the principal. Unnecessary or rude words should be avoided in the letter.

Given below is an example of this letter written by a parent to a principal for getting his son’s admission to the school.  

Request Letter to Principal for Admission in School

John Romero
676-3366 Lacinia Avenue
Idaho Falls Ohio 15253
(258) 685-3007


Keith Miller
JFHS Public School
377-7667 Ignatius St.
Woodruff SC 45854

Subject: Request to Principal for Admission to School

Dear Keith Miller,

John Romero informs Keith Miller, Principal of JFHS Public School, that his son Atharva is currently studying in class V in Cambridge School, located in Idaho Falls, Ohio. John Romero, further says that he has been transferred to a different location and hence, he is planning to seek admission for Atharva to school, JFHS Public School. Atharva is interested to seek admission to class VI, in the next academic session. John Romero, further says that Atharva is a bright student and has been performing quite well consistently throughout. Atharva is well prepared to face an entrance exam in the school and will do well in the exam.

John Romero requests Keith Miller to inform the procedures needed for admission and to whom John Romero has to contact in the school to complete the process of admission. John Romero will be looking forward to a favorable reply from Keith Millar, JFHS Public School.


Yours Sincerely,

John Romero
(Signature of John Romero)

Apart from making a request for admission, it can be seen that there are several reasons for which a parent can write a request mail to the principal of the school. The reasons include that the student might be facing a personal reason, he might have fallen sick or might be going on a personal tour. For all these reasons, the student might require leave. Accordingly, for all these reasons it is better for the parent to write a request letter to the concerned authority of the school in which the student is studying.

Request Letter to Principal from Parent

Kevin Porter
P.O. Box 134 1679 Burlington Rd.
South Dakota 46749
(969) 149-9674


Thomas Greene
Burlington High School
Ap 676-3679 Kensington Avenue
Latrobe DE 39200

Subject: Request to Principal from Parent

Hello Thomas Greene,

Kevin Porter informs Thomas Greene, Principal of Burlington High School that his daughter Celin Peter, is studying in class VIII, and her roll number is 23. Kevin Porter further informs the principal that his daughter is not well for the last one week and after being diagnosed by the doctor, she is said to be suffering from Malaria. As advised by the doctor, she needs complete rest for two weeks to recover. Kevin Porter requests the principal to approve and grant her two weeks’ leave.

Kevin Porter informs that he will coordinate with her class teacher, Sheryl Ma’am, for the classes that Celin Peter is going to miss during this duration.

Porter informs that he will keep the principal updated about her daughter’s health. He hopes that his daughter will be able to attend classes regularly after two weeks of leave.

Kevin Porter conveys his thanks to the principal in advance for considering it.


Kelvin Porter
(Signature of Kelvin Porter)

There are so many factors to be considered while writing a request permission. These factors may involve excursion or the student may wish to enrol for some courses or wish to opt for some extra classes in the school itself. In all the cases, the student requires permission and it is better that the student himself writes this letter instead of his/her parents.

Given below is a one such letter written by the student where he seeks permission from his principal.

Request Letter to Principal for Permission

P.O. Box 142 1699 Kensington Road.
North Dakota 46249
(969) 129-8764


John Innes
St. Josephs Academy
Ap 676-3489 Vincent Avenue
Latrobe DE 39100

Subject: Request to Principal for Permission

Dear Sir,

Joseph, who is a student, informs his principal, John Innes, that he is studying in class IX. He says that he is from section A and his roll number is 06. Joseph informs the principal that he is writing this letter to seek permission from the principal for the upcoming science event wherein Joseph has been selected out of 650 students for the event. This event will take place on 3-03-2012 during school hours, and the venue of the event is expected to take place in Latrobe.

Joseph informs the principal that he will miss his regular classes on the day of the event as he is likely to represent his school. Accordingly, He requests the principal to grant him a day’s leave and provide permission to attend the event.    

Joseph awaits a favorable reply from the principal


Yours Sincerely,

(Signature of Joseph)

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