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Request Letter Template [Sample with Examples]

To fulfill a person’s desire in an efficient manner, a request letter Sample is very appropriate. This can be done if he/she selects the words carefully, maintains the tone, and emphasizes only the important points in the letter. The recipient of the letter can be motivated to respond if the letter is addressed tactfully and courteously.

request letter

When writing a formal request, several formats can be adopted. This depends on whether the letter refers to permission, a request for a service, information, or a favor. However, certain points should be taken care of while writing this letter of request so that it can serve its purpose.

The following tips are helpful while writing a good request letter. They include:

  • The request letter has to be written precisely 
  • The letter should be written politely by using kind words, always
  • The reasons for making this request letter should be mentioned
  • Letters of formal request should be written professionally with a better tone and approach
  • This letter should be written in a manner that evokes empathy on the part of the recipient
  • It is vital to write this letter, error-free
  • The entire information contained in the letter should be one hundred percent true
  • Importance should be given to writing this letter short in order not to make the reader get bored

The structure of the letter of request should be formal having a semi-block or block format. Print out of this letter should be done on a pristine white inkjet paper. The eight components of the letter should be as given below:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date
  • Salutation
  • Introduction of the letter- the purpose of the letter should be mentioned
  • Para 2 – background of the letter should be described, and what the reader has to do further
  • Para 3 – conclusion, ending with 
  • Signature

Request Letter Sample & Examples

An array of these lettersrequest can be used based on the requirements and a variety of purposes. Given below are a specific format of a request letter sample and an example for project approval.

Request Approval Letter for Project

Walton Liberty
333-2765 Great Avenue
Logan NV 65712
(561) 388-7375


Park Davidson
1239 River Rd.
Reedsport NY 24748
(584) 776-7441

Dear Park Davidson,

Concerning the discussions held with you earlier, your attention is drawn to the proposal for the execution of the forthcoming new project sent. This is a project, related to the ‘Rural development and empowerment,’ from 6th Dec 2018. Approval is sought so that the process of execution can be initiated by building the team required.

Herewith, is attached a copy of the activities, for your reference, which is being planned in a step-by-step manner for execution. Requested to please verify this. Suggestions given are considered important. Requested to kindly consider.

Sir/Madam, please provide an approval officially so that the desired permission can be transferred for the sanction of funds necessary for the project. Shall be grateful for the help.

Thanking you.


Walton Liberty

(Project Manager).

Formal Request Letter

Christine Nelson
Ap. 3621 Frank Street
Lima 45468
(9787) 568-5334

Date: 05/09/2001

Edward Keller
814-6287 Flint Street
Dearborn 965987

Subject: Formal Request Letter

Dear Edward Keller

My name is Christine Nelson. I am making this request for an interview in your organization for the position of production planner. Through a friend of mine who works in your company in the department of planning, I came to know that a vacant position for a production planner exists.

I am a graduate of the University of Michigan and possess a degree in the subject of planning. I have worked as an intern with an experience of two years in the field of planning, and hence, I am actively on the lookout for such a job.

If I am given an opportunity, I can assure you that I can increase the productivity of your company with my skills and experience, and bring benefits to the company.

If you have any queries concerning my credentials, kindly feel free to contact me on my phone number at any time.


Christine Nelson
(Signature of Christine Nelson)

Request Letter for Insurance Policy

Thomas Somoza
Ap 900 Keller St.
Christi 98090
(956) 345-3690

Date: 05/09/2016

Emily Sanchez
Ap 977-755 Tim Road
North Carolina 2467

Subject: Request Letter for Insurance Policy

Dear Emily Sanchez

I am writing this request letter to you seeking a quote for your comprehensive insurance plan, which can cover my business against flood, theft, accident, and fire.

I am the owner of a home décor accessories shop and have employed five other assistants to work in my shop. The shop floor area of my shop includes an office room, a large display room, and a storage room. My shop is located in a shopping complex and there are two full-time security guards.

The insurance premium of my present insurance company has been increased, and hence, I wish to change it. I am happy to welcome any representative from your insurance company to visit my shop to discuss and evaluate. You can get in touch with me on my (Phone number) or email ID for fixing up an appointment with me.


Thomas Somoza
(Signature of Thomas Somoza)

Request Letter for Extension of Time

Katy Nova
Ap 88 Hope Street
Corpus Christi 98040
(988) 365-9986

Date: 06/08/2018

Jennifer Dsouza
Ap 9767 Liddle Road
North Carolina 6655


Dear Jennifer Dsouza

This is to inform you that owing to some unavoidable circumstances, I will not be able to complete my training in your organization within the stipulated period of one year. Hence, I will not be able to meet the requirements of employment. Therefore, I am writing this formal request letter to you to extend my training period for a further period of six months.

I understand that I am allowed to avail myself of just one extension during the training period, and the maximum period of extension allowed is only six months. I wish to use it now as I have some personal issues that have come up at present.

I giving my phone number as (988) 365-9986 so that you can contact me at any time.


Katy Nova
(Signature of Katy Nova)

Financial Aid Request Letter

Kate Ashton
Ap 489-465 Kent Road.
Kingsport NH 4635
(9648) 673-6736

Date: 04/08/2000

Parry Raton
344-789 Falcon. Street
Logan 16645


Dear Parry Raton,

My name is Karti Ashton and I am studying at Christian Convent School in grade 12. I am honored to be accepted as a student at King University, which has been considered the best University since the time of my middle school.

I am happy to attend as a student at King University and take part in the History program, which I feel is remarkable. However, finance is a big problem for me. Since I belong to a low-income migrated family, I feel my parents will not be able to afford my studies at King University. Therefore, I am requesting you grant me financial aid.

Ap present, my father works as a Store Keeper and my mother stays at home. I also have a younger sister of age six studying in grade 5. The overall income of my household is US$500.

With household expenses and other bills, my father cannot afford to pay even health insurance for all of us. Most of the time he has to work overtime to make both ends meet. But my family’s tight budget has never affected my studies as you have already seen in my grades.

I appreciate it if you can consider my name for financial aid. I am looking forward to becoming a student at King University soon.


Kate Ashton
(Signature of Karti Ashton)

Repair Request Letter to Seller

John Mark
64445 Peter Road
Reedsport 69576
(993) 997-8755

Date: 06/10/1999

Farooq Murat
354-99764 Kingston Ave
Sedalia Utah 99657


Dear Farooq Murat,

I purchased an HP Brand Desktop from your showroom located in the city area on 6/10/1999. It has just been a month and the Desktop is not working.

I have tried all the maintenance tasks that are written in the manual. I have tried to reboot it, unplug and re-plug the cord, and kept the desktop switched off for one hour. I request you to send a technician who can look for the problem and repair it. I would also like to inform you that the entire desktop system has a 2-year warranty.


John Mark
(Signature of John Mark)

Teacher Request Letter

Frederick Marker
Ap. 50-8475 Jas Street
Tyler 74610
(7774) 3566-446

Date: 16/11/2015

Mathew Lenon
Ap 975-887 Flem Avenue
Gate Missouri 67888
(367) 533-9568


Dear Mathew Lenon

I am the mother of Tim Lenon and he is at present studying in grade 4. His current academic situation is most likely to be affecting his entire academic future, and that is why I would like to request a specific teacher for his next academic year. I understand that the school is happy to consider such teacher requests.

During these first 2 years of study at your King’s convent school, I am happy to inform you that my child has been happy to go to school and even excited to do homework. I would like to continue this experience for him. His current teachers have recognized his ability to learn faster than other kids in class and they try to engage his attention so that he does not disturb his classmates. Owing to this, he is looking forward to continuing to study in the next year as well.

I have discussed this issue with his current class teacher Ms. Mary, and she has agreed that his academic future will be better if in the early stages he is in the hands of a teacher who understands his study requirements. So, I would like him to be placed in the class with Ms. Kelly.

I appreciate you to give some time from your busy schedule and considering my request. I would be happy to talk to you or Ms. Kelly regarding this matter. Please feel free to contact me at (7774) 3566-446.


Frederick Marker

(Signature of Frederick Marker)

Product Sample Request Letter

Volga Yammer
567-8565 Cunning Street
Watertown 9647
(936) 357-95646

Date: 15/12/1998

Peter Mathew
Ap 33-6733 Oak Roads
Darlington 06973


Dear Peter Mathew,

I am a seller of electronic goods by profession and run an electronic shop on Cunning Street. It has been newly opened and I am still building a customer base for which I need lots of electronic goods.

I was going through your Delta Electronics website and found many interesting products, which I would like to display in my shop. I intend to put forward a tie-up proposal with your electronics company. However, for this association to move forward, I would first like to request some free samples of electronic items, which I intend to test and decide on the final order to be placed.

I intend to hold a meeting with you to discuss the details, terms, and conditions. If you are interested, you can contact me at or (936) 357-95646.

Thank you for giving your valuable time.


Volga Yammer
(Signature of Volga Yammer)

Sample Request Letter for Clearance

Emily Johnson
Ap 9655-75 Coventry Street
North Dakota 76379
(342) 344-3324

Date: 05/11/2018

Tim Sperry
1187 Kingston Road
New Hampshire 35694


Dear Tim Sperry,

I have been having an account in your bank for ten years. I hold account number 55647], which is a savings account. I took a loan of US$1000 from the bank for personal reasons on 05/11/2018. Till now I have paid some amount, but I cannot afford to pay the bank loan installments any further. So, I have decided to pay a lump sum balance amount of US$500 instead. I have deposited the said amount in the loan account 66677 as full and final.

I request you to issue me a Loan Clearance Certificate for my future use.


Emily Johnson

(Signature of Emily Johnson)

Request Letter for Purchase of Office Equipment

Jack Nelson
645-8757 Kim Street
Louisiana 6446
(615) 615-7698

Date: 12/12/2016

Jennifer Kipling
9316 Sam Avenue
Astoria 94568


Dear Jennifer Kipling

My name is Jack Nelson and I have been working as an office manager at Novartis Company since 2015. My office equipment is now not in a good condition and they need to be replaced at the earliest. So, I am writing this request letter for the purchase of some new office equipment.

I have faced complaints from some workers also that their work is getting delayed because of the broken equipment. The equipment includes stationery as well as some system parts. Here is a list of items involving office equipment, which are to be purchased. The list of items to be purchased is enclosed herewith, separately.

I hope you will complete the purchase of items as per the list and deliver it to my office quickly.


Jack Nelson

(Signature of Jack Nelson)

Sample Request to Purchase an Item

Ken Sebastian
Ap -7483 Dream Road,
Austin +66467
(223) 4737-2544

Date: 16/09/1999

Nick Vincent
Ap. 43 3540 Dot Road
New York 6954


Dear Nick Vincent

My name is Ken Sebastian and I have been working in an electronics manufacturing company as a manager for the last 5 years. I am writing this request letter to buy a new electronic item since my current one is broken and damaged. For my routine customer correspondence, I need a working electronic gadget.

I humbly request you replace my electronic item as soon as possible so that I can continue with my tasks at the earliest.

Thank you


Ken Sebastian
(Signature of Ken Sebastian)

Sample Request Letter to Conduct Survey

Herman Mendoza
Ap 75 Kyle Street
Greens-boro 97657
(170) 444-5555

Date: 15/12/2001

Griffith Lang
Ap. 55 8670 FM Street
North Dakota 9845


Dear Griffith Lang

I request you to grant me your permission for conducting a survey on topics, like Social Reforms, on your college premises. I am conducting a survey on this topic among other public and private colleges for my thesis on Social Reforms.

I would like to ask ten questions to each student/teacher after college hours. The survey will take only ten minutes. Participation is entirely voluntary and names will be kept confidential.

I have attached the survey questionnaire on the topic with this letter.


Hernan Mendoza
(Signature of Herman Mendoza)

Request Letter for Data Collection for Research

Carol Johnson
7808 Kent Street
Princeton 66467
(659) 659-6889

Date: 06/09/1998

John Abraham
2025 Cum Avenue
Torrance Wyoming 23467


Dear John Abraham

I am the principal of Graham’s College and am writing this letter to request you allow four of my students to do research. The names of all the students are attached on a separate sheet. They have to collect data for research on ‘Marketing Ethics.’

These four students will come to you on 07/09/1998 with an official research letter from the college, and your permission letter if you choose to provide one. They are doing this general survey, which can be used for public welfare by the government or the university. So, I humbly request you to allow them on your college premises and let them conduct a survey.

You are welcome to preview the data collection method at any time.


Carol Johnson
(Signature of Carol Johnson)

Request Letter for Changing Class

Albert Singh
Ap 21 Ajmal Khan Street
New Delhi RI 96543
(+91) 9512-82813

Date: 13/10/1998

Kranti Singh
1022 Event Av.
New Delhi 64575


Dear Kranti Singh

I am a student of VI, section A, and my name is Albert Singh.

Sir, I have a concentration issue and my grasping power is not as much as my classmates. But unfortunately, my section has 50 students, because of which, the teachers cannot concentrate on me especially. And I also have to cope-up with the usual class speed.

I would like to request you to transfer me to section C where there is a lesser number of students. I would feel much more comfortable and it will not affect my grades negatively. Please consider my transfer request to enable me to change my class from A to C.


Albert Singh

(Signature of Albert Singh)

Request Letter for Bank Account Verification

John Hayden
PH 018 Cunningham Street
Joliet 56345
(455) 3435-2423

Date: 18/11/1998

Leda Carlton
945 Cart Street
Pennsylvania 75686


Dear Leda Carlton

I have an account in your bank, Yes Bank, which is a personal savings account. The account number is 1560070.

I have applied for immigration in the government office and will be completing the procedure shortly. For this purpose, I have to submit the bank account verification letter along with other necessary documents. I request you to please provide me with one so that I can complete my immigration procedure.

It would be kind of you if you could do the needful at the earliest.


John Hayden
(Signature of John Hayden)

Deposit Request Letter

Sharjah Nelson
Ap 007 MA Avenue
Wilmington 92550
(244) 244-2445

Date: 13/11/2020

Lena Federer
1339 KC Street
Atwater 98457


Dear Lena Federer

I was employed on a contract basis for a particular project consisting of complete servicing of Air Conditioners. The project has been completed yesterday, and I have already received confirmation regarding the same. When I started the job, I had to pay a certain amount as a security deposit against the job as per the company’s policy. I was supposed to receive a security deposit refund check along with my full and final payment.

But I did not receive it till now, and there is no intimation about the same.

Thank you


Sharjah Nelson

(Signature Sharjah Nelson)

Experience Certificate Request Letter

Kate Kelvin
PN 585 2342 BKS Street
Hawaii 43223
(222) 222-1244

Date: 17/11/2005

Philip Mathew
Ap 845 Virus Road
Independence 84569


Dear Philip Mathew

I am writing this letter to bring to your kind notice that I have served Microtech Company for 5 years as a Production Manager. I was here from 16/11/2000 till 16/11/2005 in the production department. It was a wonderful journey and I had a tremendous experience while working with all these people over the years. I was able to learn so much from my job here.

As you know, I have decided to move to another city for personal reasons so I had to apply for a job there. I request you to provide me with my experience certificate at the earliest so that my job application can be completed soon. I have to submit the job application letter by 20/11/2005.

I request early action in this regard.


Kate Kelvin
(Signature of Kate Kelvin)

Waiver Request Letter

Mark Ramblings
6537 Trafford Avenue
Kennewick 43229
(717) 988-3542

Date: 06/11/2015

Rivka Mason
472-5278 Trinity Street
Arkansas +6546


Dear Rivka Mason

This is to inform you through this letter that I, Mark Ramblings, an account holder in your bank, hold a savings account bearing the number 77760789. Recently I have received a mail from your bank informing me that an amount of US$500 has been debited as charges of some unknown services. In the mail, I also understand that this amount will be debited from my savings account by the end of this month, which is quite annoying.

I humbly request you to waive the said charges. I am a student studying at Oxford Science College, which is away from my home. Kindly be informed that I am the single child of a single mother, and my family lives in the city. My family and I have to live on limited resources and I cannot afford to pay any charges to the bank.

I also understand that your bank gives consideration to special cases like this, and offers a waiver of bank charges. Hence, I request you to consider me as a special case and waive off the bank charges as informed in the mail. Your help to me in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thank you


Mark Ramblings

(Signature of Mark Ramblings)

Day Request Letter

Kelvin Holmes
Ap. 98794 Fin Road
Rapids BB 5334
(224) 354-3437

Date: 20/09/1998

Karen Usfan
JD 687 7015 Peter Street
Oklahoma 97567


Dear Karen Usfan

My name is Kelvin Holmes and I work as a manager in the Accounts department. I would like to request a day off on 21/09/1998.

My wife has been sick for 4 days now and her condition does not seem to have improved at present. She has been suffering from a very high fever and cannot get up from the bed.

As she is physically weak, she cannot go alone. So, I have to take my wife for a check-up. I hope you will understand my situation and grant me a day off.


Kelvin Holmes

(Signature of Kelvin Holmes)

Medical Request Letter

Lenin Thomas
PV 420 Odion Road
Christian Delaware 65261
(565) 3454-346

Date: 14/06/1995


Ila Clayton

1397 Trafford. Av.

Park Montana 9586


Dear Ila Clayton

I am writing this letter as I require copies of my medical records. My name is Lenin Thomas, and I was treated in your office on 12/06/1995. Please release my test results, charts, and consultation notes regarding my health care.

I understand that according to the rules I will be charged a fee for requesting copies of my medical records. Please mail the requested copies to the address mentioned below. I have also attached a self-addressed envelope for your convenience. I understand I will have to bear the postage expense too.


Lenin Thomas

(Signature Lenin Thomas)

GoodWill Deletion Request Letter

Henry Driscoll
PN 984 Avenue
Delaware 3534
(6445) 584-584

Date: 2.2.2014

James Cryon
1479 Nulla. Av.
Asbury Park Montana 67969


Dear James Cryon,

Recently I received my credit rating report with your company, which said that my credit rating is 8. I have been your customer since 2012, and have always paid my installment on time. Unfortunately, on 2/2/2014, I was laid off from my job and was unemployed for 3 months.

I am the single provider of my family of 6 people. So, my living expenses depleted my savings quickly and that is why I was not able to pay your installment on time.

I did learn from this mistake and have started to plan my finances more carefully. I even started paying the day I got my salary from the new job, which was on 2/3/2014. Since then, I have always paid on time and have cleared all my dues.

I am writing this letter to request you make all adjustments to my accounts. I have also explained the reason for the late payments.

When I contacted your company’s customer service, they suggested to me that I write to you for my goodwill deletion request. Please contact me at (6445) 584-584 or henry- for any further information.


Henry Driscoll
(Signature Henry Driscoll)

Request Letter Sample for Approval

Kelvin Tender
9448 Swanky Road
Colorado 9658
(235) 2352-3252

Date: 18/12/2019

Creole Easton
982 Efet Road.
Clemson 67464


Dear Creole Easton

I am writing this approval request letter for a budget modification of the Inauguration of School, being held on 19/12/2019. The Inauguration function will be held at the above address and the chief guest is going to be Dick Creeley.

The welcome flowers and gifts alone for the chief guest will cost US$500. Decoration and snacks will amount to US$1000, as mentioned in the budget estimate provided to you on 18/12/2019.

The budget you approved is US$1200 while the estimate is US$1500. You can see there is a big gap in the amount. The amount mentioned in the estimate has been verified with respective sellers and are actual costs that will be incurred for purchases.

Therefore, I request you to reconsider your decision and approve the budget as mentioned in the estimate. I would be happy to discuss this in person and answer any questions you might have.


Kelvin Tender
(Signature Kelvin Tender)

Sample Donation Request Letter to a Company

Tony Williams
222 5436 Manitoba Road
Springdale 95484
(455) 13313-3524

Date: 14/08/1988

Melvin listzy
Ap 33-870 Calendar Ave
Chickasha LA 34532


Dear Melvin listzy

I am Tony Williams and I am a teacher by profession. I am a part of the donation drive carried out by my school for raising awareness about Child Health. I request you to support a small donation. A small gesture can go a long way for poor children.

The organization is a poor children's welfare organization, which believes in helping all the poor children. We are collecting donations for helping poor children suffering from malnutrition. Any money you donate will go to the organization and reach the children in the form of welfare measures.

Being a healthcare professional, I am sure you will be able to understand the plight of malnutrition among poor children. Thank you for your contribution.

You can donate money in the following ways by paying through the bank, credit card, or donation box, kept on the organization's premises.


Tony Williams
(Signature of Tony Williams)

Re-Exam Request Letter

Henry Vincent
334643 Nascetur Street.
Louisiana 5543
(243) 454-5543

Date: 17/10/2005

Harley Kathy
6317 Kenan Avenue
Utah 82303

Subject: Request for Re-Exam

Dear Harley Kathy,

My name is Henry Vincent and I study in Class 10. Last month, I had a road accident while going from school to home on my bicycle. Unfortunately, I dashed against a moving car and had to be admitted to the hospital with serious fractures in my hand and leg. Due to this, I could not attend the exams.

I had informed already about my condition to the class teacher and my parents also came down to school for meeting the teacher. But still, my result reveals that I have failed the exam. I missed my exam because of an actual problem, and so I humbly request you to consider me for a re-examination.

I am well prepared for my course and ready to take an exam any day, any time as decided by you. I hope you will understand my condition and allow me to do a re-exam.

Thank you.


(Signature of Henry Vincent)
Henry Vincent

USCIS Expedite Request Letter Sample

John Dithered
7639 Vivian Road
Williston Nevada 3443
(3443) 344-3443

Date: 11/12/2011

Howard Allouez
Ap-77 Kensington Avenue
Cudahy Ohio 94548


Dear Howard Allouez,

This letter is to request you for expediting my advance parole document. Along with this letter, I am enclosing a filled and signed Application for Travel Document, Form I-131.  My expedition request letter is based on humanitarian criteria.

I belong to Williston Nevada, and recently received a letter that my mother has fallen ill. She has been under illness for a year or so. But now her doctor has concluded that she has terminal cancer and does not have a much longer time to live. She is suffering from last-stage cancer and she might live only a few weeks.

I have always been very close to my mother and would like to be with her during these final days. My mother’s doctor has provided me with a letter and a copy of her medical reports, which I have attached to this letter.

Thank you


John Dithered
(Signature of John Dithered)

Formal Meeting Request Letter

Frederick Marker
668-4463 Fuegian Road
Williston Nevada 55522
(323) 333-4345

Date: 09-02-2015

Wahn Mallow
Apartment no.1779 Laborites Park
Cudahy Ohio 46533

Subject: Letter of Meeting Request

Dear Wahn Mallow,

This is to inform you that I am a manager currently working in Voltas Ltd. We met at a function that was held in one of my friend’s homes located at Fuegian Road, on 09-02-2015. I am writing this letter for requesting a meeting with you, as a manager, as I feel that a trading relationship between us will benefit both our companies.

I understand that you work in Willier’s Ltd headquartered in Washington. I am going to be in the city for a work-related matter from 10-02-205 to 15-02-2015. I will be available on all days during evenings from 5 pm to 6 pm.

I have studied your business contracts thoroughly and sincerely think that an alliance will be beneficial to both our companies. If you can take out even an hour to meet me, I can explain to you, my proposal. You can contact me at or call me at (323) 333-4345.


(Signature Frederick Marker)
Frederick Marker

Email for Meeting Request with Supervisor

Katy Nelson
9998*576 Lois Road
Pomona TN 3456
(243) 353-35231

Date: 14-12-2018

Cheren Nash
988-988 Flower Street
Fremont 52443

Subject: Meeting Request with Supervisor

Dear Cheren Nash

I am writing this letter to request a meeting with you on 15-12-2018. I have talked to your assistant about your schedule and she says that you might be able to spare an hour on that day.

In that meeting, I would like to discuss the desired matter with you. If it had not been urgent, I would not have requested such short notice. I understand you are very busy, but I would appreciate it if you could spare an hour on that day.

Thank you for your time.


Katy Nelson
(Signature of Katy Nelson)

Request Letter for Health Insurance

John Wesley
977-4532 Yarn Street
Savannah Illinois 859745
(155) 988-4977

Date: 08-09-2012

Griffith Yardley
6518 Egret Road
Tacoma AL 68546


Dear Griffith Yardley

My name is John Wesley, and I work as a manager at Howard Inc. My age is 30yrs. and my health is excellent as of now. I am writing this letter to purchase a family health insurance plan provided by your company.

I intend to get myself, my wife, and my two kids insured with you in your family health insurance plan. The details and medical check-up records of each of us have been attached to this letter. All the criteria for your insurance plan have been met.

Therefore, I would like to request you to respond to me with a suitable plan and a quote. You can contact me at (155) 988-4977 or email me at John


(Signature of John Wesley)

John Wesley

Request For Employment Letter

Brenda Sinclair
556-4577 KPS Road
Walla Michigan 575774

Date: 31-04-2014

Caty Leash
968-1752 Kipling Street
Boise 34535


Dear Caty Leash,

I work as a supervisor assistant in the assembly department and have been your employee for the past 7 years. I recently got married and have hired a house for a mortgage.

I got my deal signed yesterday, it was confirmed, and I have to submit all the required documents for the loan with the bank within the week. One of the documents necessary is the Employment Letter, from my current company.

Of course, I have a job offer letter issued to me one year back, but the bank needs proof of employment in the current year. I hereby, request you to issue me an employment verification letter so that my loan application can be completed and the loan is sanctioned.

They also accept verification letters directly via fax. Their fax number is 6578-6578-647

Thank you for taking the time out and considering my request.


Brenda Sinclair
(Signature of Brenda Sinclair)

Request for Rexcommendationfrom Professor

Mack Carlton
2355 Malasada Street
Moscow Kentucky 4255
(275) 275-275

Date: 04-04-2018

Shelly Byram
343-2355 Ft Road
Texas 355


Dear Shelly Byram,

I am writing this request letter to ask you if you would be willing to issue me a recommendation letter for my college application. I want to apply for the Engineering course at Yale University. As you know, I want to study further in the field of Mechanical Engineering, and I consider studying at Yale University is the best option for me.

During my undergraduate course here at Cooks College, I have taken 3 classes under you, namely, engineering classes. I also wrote a ten-page report on machine building for my final submission, which you graded as “the best I have read to date”.

Along with this letter, I have enclosed a copy of my mark sheets, my resume, my final essay, and my recommendation form given by the university. I have also taken part-time work as a trainee with professor Barnard to learn more practicality about the subject.

As my engineering professor, I think you will be the best person to recommend me for this course. I understand you are busy but, if you could take out a little time to write to me this letter of recommendation, I would appreciate it.

For any further questions, you can contact me at (275) 275-275.

Thank you


Mack Carlton
(Signature of Mack Carlton)

Sample Letter of Asking for Donations

Kenny Richards
Ap 005 Howard Road
Beaumont New Mexico 74577
(716) -688-1255

Date: 06-06-2018

Henry Malcolm
3255 Kelvin Avenue
Charles Maine 96466


Dear Henry Malcolm

I belong to a child welfare organization and we help kids through our non-profit organization. Last year, we received a donation of US$5000, and with that, we helped 500 children to achieve their welfare.

These underprivileged children got a chance to learn different languages from the learning of languages course, conducted for a week. Owing to this learning of languages course, the children received the gift of confidence, trust, and happy smiles including learning benefits as well. These children have big dreams for themselves. Some want to become accountants, some firefighters while some even doctors.

This year we are again holding the same event and aim to help at least 1000 underprivileged children. Also, this time we are thinking of making it a 2-day event. Thanks to our sponsors, we are on our way to meeting our investment goal, but we are still a little behind. For that purpose, I humbly request you to consider our organization and donate liberally any amount that you think is suitable.

Since the year 2017, every donation received in the name of our Welfare organization is used towards helping needy children, directly. With a small gesture, you can bring smiles to the faces of a lot of children. You can be the source of inspiration and motivation for these kids.

Thank you for considering helping the children.


Kenny Richards

(Signature of Kenny Richards)

Sample Letter of Asking for a Raise

Harrison Richard
566-8773 Kim Street
San Fernando ID 77434
(877) 555-5042

Date: 05-09-2000

Sania Kimberley
Ap #453-377 Nova Street
Visalia VA 54568


Dear Sania Kimberley

I am writing this letter to request a formal review of my current salary. I have been working in Delta Electronics for the past 6 years as a store assistant. I have always been on my toes for the company and have done everything I can for the betterment of the organization. I have been an integral member of the team and have always put the company first, as my peers or seniors would tell you.

In the past 6 years, I have achieved the following goals:

A list of all that was achieved include, maintenance of store records using computers, stock verification, upkeeping of stores premises, and so on.

I think I have proven my dedication. I would, therefore, like to request you formally, sit with me to discuss my current salary. I would like a raise of 50 percent to commensurate my past and current performance.

I enjoy being a part of this organization and would like to take up any project given to me, even today. Thank you for taking out time to consider my proposal.


Harrison Richard
(Signature of Harrison Richard)

Request Letter Template in PDF & Word

Request Letter for Insurance Policy

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Formal Request Letter

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Request Approval Letter for Project

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Request Letter for Extension of Time

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