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Retirement Announcement Letter – Writing Tips & Sample

Retirement Announcement Letter is said to be the golden period in which an individual appreciates the years of service he/she has given in his/her entire life. This situation is comparable to every stage of life in a person who works for a company. Writing a Retirement Announcement Letter assists an employee to let other people know in the company about his/her retirement, thereby acknowledging this occasion. Besides, it helps the retiree to plan, his/her, this important milestone in advance.

How to write Retirement Announcement Letter

Retirement Announcement Letter

However, there is a method to draft a Retirement Announcement Letter and one should have knowledge of it prior to making this letter and circulating it. This is an opportunity when the company highlights the importance, completed projects. The value that the employee has added in the company over the years.  Hence, it is one of those moments that is considered as special for the company as well as the employee. As and when that time comes closer, both the company and its employee start preparing for it. This preparation includes giving farewell parties, speeches, lunches, and dinners. Besides, there are several elements that both the parties look forward to on this memorable occasion.

However, there is a formal way of communicating this news of retirement of an employee, which is done through an announcement letter. This is how the news is spread about this special occasion. Moreover, this is the best method of announcing an employee’s retirement in a company.

Retirement Announcement Letter

John Wilson
143 Main Street
Cape town, CA 13345

Date: 10-02-2019

King Lee
Sales Director
Atlantic Co.
163 Business Rd.
Business City, NY 55341

Subject: Retirement Party Announcement Letter

Dear King Lee,

This letter is a formal notice intimating all the members of the sales department of the company about John Wilson’s 20 years of successful completion of service. The sales department of the company is proud to announce the retirement of John Wilson from the post of Sales Manager. On this wonderful occasion, the sales department is planning to host a retirement party in the honour of John Wilson.

All the members of the sales department are cordially invited to attend the party and be a part of this occasion, and congratulate him.

The hard work and dedication of John Wilson are known to everyone, and after years of hard work, all the members of the sale department would like to take this opportunity to present him with a token of gift. So, John Wilson being the senior member of the sales team, King Lee, Sales Director, would like to take this opportunity to request each member of the sales team to donate an amount of US$100 towards the purchase of the gift as a remembrance.

The retirement party will be held at the conference hall of the sales department, starting from 20:00hrs to 12:00hrs, midnight. The party will include dancing, games, dinner, and then with the gift presenting ceremony, at the end. Hoping this event to be of great remembrance for everyone in the sales department, and will be waiting for the Sales Director’s presence.    


John Wilson

(Signature of John Wilson)

Sales Manager

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