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Retirement Letter to Employer Sample Template & Examples

Retirement Letter to Employer: When an individual reaches his/her retirement stage in life, he/she can reap the benefits and investment done through hard earned years. Given that an individual retires at 10 years, 15 or more than 20 years of service, the place of work for him and his employer with whom he works is considered always to be of great importance.

The tasks, projects and the team with which the individual was entrusted will make the working experience worth remembering. When the individual has worked for many years. He/she always plans during the crucial years of life, save, and invest the earned money, wisely. This means that the individual who is going to retire should be ready to look forward the golden. As well as relaxing period of his life, which is retirement. Irrespective of whatever the individual’s plan may be after retirement. It means simply that he/she is ready to write a retirement letter.

Even though every organization maintains a record of their employees. Informing them about the individual’s retirement through a formal way of writing a letter is a sign of responsibility of the individual.

How to write Retirement Letter to Employer

Retirement Letter to Employer

Hence, writing a retirement letter in a formal and professional way is quite important. Writing all the correct information and using the right tone are more important. Accordingly, the individual can have a look at some of the useful tips and sample retirement letters written to the employer.

When an individual retires, he/she leaves the position empty of a skilled as well as experienced employee. Hence, it is essential for the individual to inform the company prior to writing a formal retirement letter. This helps the company to make the desired arrangements when once the individual leaves.

Here are a few tips to write a letter. The person who is writing a retirement letter to the employer should have a knowledge about the company policies and packages. Besides, the individual should complete the notice period that is required to be served, according to his position. Further, the individual should provide proper assistance and help during his/her serving the notice. Another tip is that the individual who is retiring should be thankful and positive during the last period of his/her career. 

 Sample Retirement Letter to Employer

Roy Emerson
Ap-5677 Crescent St.
Corpus Christi WI 98020
(883) 382-66465

Date: 08-05-2016

John Lopez
Ap 474 Cummins Rd.
Yorba Linda South Carolina 29423

Dear John Lopez,

Roy Emerson writes this letter and would like to bring to the notice of John Lopez about the formal date of Roy Emerson’s retirement as 10/05/2016 with Digital Marketing Company.

Roy Emerson would like to thank John Lopez, Senior Manager. The organization to provide Joy Emerson with ample opportunities and moments that have added prestige and pride during his overall career growth and experience. Emerson further says that after working with the company for more than 15 years. It is sure that he will miss the team and everyday fun that he used to have in the office. Roy Emerson says that as discussed with John Lopez, Emerson would be glad to offer his assistance by working as a freelancer with the organization even after retirement.

Roy Emerson informs that in case of his assistance needed during his notice period. Then he will be more than happy to serve the company and his subordinates. Roy Emerson will be looking forward to some of the last golden days. That he can spend with the company and his teammates. Further, Roy Emerson says that if there is any requirement needed to be fulfilled from his end to complete the process of retirement. He requests John Lopez to contact him.

For this purpose, Roy Emerson says that he has included his contact details and the details of his email, enabling John Lopez to get in touch with Emerson as soon as he retires from the organization. Roy Emerson informs John Lopez that it was a great experience working with everyone and he wishes the company great luck in its future endeavours.     


Roy Emerson

(Signature of the employee)


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