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Retirement Notice Letter Template with Sample & Examples

Writing an Early Retirement Letter or giving a formal Retirement Notice Letter is a better method to inform the seniors. While planning anyone’s retirement in a company. It can be seen that opting for retirement from a company is considered to be better for any individual. This is true if someone else comes over and manages the jobs and responsibilities of that company.

Overall, retirement is known to be as one of the most wonderful phases of anyone’s life. With the years of service to an organization there are lots of efforts and hard work rendered. After which, an individual gets retired. People wait throughout their life for this retirement time to come. Yet they will also miss their daily routine of spending time in the office.

Retirement Notice Letter

At this stage, it can be seen that the life of an individual gets suddenly changed. Accordingly, the individual has to adjust and give a start to his/her new life. It is for the people to plan their retirement and wish to spend it with their loved ones peacefully as well as happily. However, in the case of a retirement process, it is essential for any individual to complete all formalities and legalities needed by the organization. 

How to write a Retirement Notice Letter

An individual has to put in a lot of efforts prior to his/her getting retired. In order to reach this phase of life, he/she has to perform years of hard work, dedication and experience. Hence, by moving ahead according to the policies and procedures of the organization, an individual has to take a step towards having a peaceful and secured future after his/her retirement. While writing a notice of retirement letter, one has to observe that it involves elements. It require professional tips, which has to be added in the letter.

Prior to having a discussion with the seniors, it is essential for anyone to have all the information in hand related to the process. This will help the individual who is retiring to have smooth and easy retirement. Informing retirement in advance is something which everyone does not intend to do. Yet, the individual who is going to retire should be certainly responsible for informing the employer for facilitating to find a replacement. Accordingly, the employer will find someone eligible and better to take over the place of the retiring person.

On the other hand, if the individual thinks that his/her scope of working with the company is for a part-time consulting work. Then it will be advantageous to the individual to continue the association for a secure and better future. 

In today’s life, it can be seen that several people will have both bitter and sweet moments during their job period. But retiring with grace is something that puts them in a positive show.

An individual can mention his/her success and work merits that is performed by him/her for many years, in the retirement letter. This information will certainly boost the value of the individual working with that company.   

Retirement Notice Letter

Mary Floyd
387-946 Crescent Street
Williston Nevada 59531
(784) 934-2710


John Hunt
Ap 897 Kingston Avenue
Cudahy Ohio 34622

Subject: Retirement Letter Notice

Respected Sir,

Mary Floyd writes this letter to John Hunt informing him that she will be retiring on 31-12-2019, which is a Friday. She further states that it has been a great opportunity for her to be working with the company for more than ten years. She has worked as an Executive in the HR department of the company.

Mary Floyd states that she remembers the date of joining as 01-01-2009, and her designation was HR assistant. Mary Floyd would like to thank the management of the company for providing her a valuable opportunity to serve the company throughout these years. She says that she had the best team to work with throughout her tenure. As she enjoyed the days that she spent with the entire staff working under her.

Hence, Mary Floyd requests John Hunt to start her retirement process in order for her to get all the benefits and facilities of retirement as soon as possible.

Mary Floyd conveys her sincere thanks and support for the opportunities she got from the company.

Yours Faithfully,

Mary Floyd

(Signature of Mary Floyd)

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