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Retirement Resignation Letter to Employer – Sample Letter

Retirement Resignation Letter to Employer: A stage is always reached by an employee after rendering years of service to a company wherein he/she has to give up the work and get retired. This is considered as the golden period of life. Here, the employees who are well aware of their last day of working in the organization, often write to their employers about their retirement. It is regarded as a good practice as it makes the organization well aware of an employee’s retirement. It enables them to process the formalities and policies to be completed by the organization. Under this scenario, writing a retirement resignation letter is nothing but seeking a professional way of informing the organization.

How to write the Retirement Resignation Letter to Employer

Retirement Resignation Letter to Employer

Accordingly, a retirement resignation letter is considered as an official document that an organization’s human resources department will keep as a record. This will help the department to complete the entire process, smoothly. Informing the organization by an employee about his/her retirement after working for many years will help the employee to build a great association.

There are two ways of informing an organization by an employee about his/her retirement. First, the letter can be handed to the organization by an employee in person. Second, the employee can send a formal letter to the organization along with a follow-up of conversation. However, it is essential for any employee to know as to how a formal retirement letter is written. And what all the points it should include.      

Given below is how an employee can write a formal notice of retirement resignation to his/her organization. When an employee is planning and writing a retirement letter. It is important to mention the service notice, which will span for about two weeks. Further, the contents of the letter should include the date on which the employee is resigning. Along with this, the employee should mention the details of his/her work process. Further, the employee should also thank the organization for the opportunities that he had while working with them.

Now, an employee can have a look at the sample of how to write a Retirement Resignation Letter, which is given below.

Retirement Resignation Letter to Employer

Aaron Trujillo
Ap 3132 Cras Rd.
Kingsport NH 56618
(983) 632-8597

Date: 01-12-2016

Liberty Walton
343-6527 Purus. Avenue
Logan NV 12657


Dear Liberty Walton

Aaron Trujillo writes this letter to Liberty Walton as a formal notice of information about his retirement, which will be effective from 01-12-2016.

Aaron Trujillo writes that during his tenure, he had thoroughly enjoyed and cherished the experiences on the project on which he has worked for. The team with which he had been associated with. Being with the company for more than fifteen years, Aaron Trujillo sincerely appreciated the support and opportunities that were provided to him. Further, he says that the motivation activities, fun corporate culture, opportunities to get promotion, and professional learning were all a great source of encouragement to attend office every day on time.

After years of hard work, now Aaron Trujillo will plan to enjoy his retirement and do some fun activities. He says further that one thing is certain that he will miss being a part of this organization and attending work every day. Aaron Trujillo says that he will be available for any kind of support needed from his end. He also believes that the associations that he formed during his work tenure will last into budding friendships, even after he leaves the company.

Before leaving the organization, Aaron Trujillo says that if he can be of any help, he will be more than happy to be of service. Also, he will be glad to pass his learning to his successor, and be of great support, like he had been during his work tenure.   


Aaron Trujillo

(Signature Aron Trujillo)

Deputy Manager

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